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Russell Tovey has confirmed during an interview with the Guardian that he has left the popular BBC3 programme Being Human which is due to return to our screens for series four in January.

“Well, I’ve actually left Being Human but no one [outside of the show] knows yet,” he went on to admit that Aiden Turner’s departure as vampire Mitchell, at the end of series 3 had influenced his decision: “Aidan’s left to film The Hobbit in New Zealand [with Peter Jackson] and going on without him on this fourth series felt strange,”

Russell Tovey who played werewolf George still believes the show has a future without him and Aiden Turner and has a lot of faith in the writer Tobey Whitehouse’s abilities to keep the show fresh and interesting for the audience: “No, with Being Human the story can definitely go on and on,” Tovey insists. “Toby [Whithouse, the writer] still runs it and they can do all sorts … add giants and robots!”

Tovey who can currently be seen on BBC3 in Him and Her as Steve, has appeared in many successful shows including; Doctor Who and Gavin and Stacey. He also appeared in the film The History Boys in 2004. Having seen many of his fellow actors and friends success he too wants to pursue a film career in the near future. He says: ‘When I see friends rocketing all over the place, I know the potential is there to make a big impression all over the world.’ he went on to say; “I’ve been so involved with TV shows, I’ve been unavailable for films, which is my dream,”

His ideal future may be coming to fruition as he is about to appear in the film Effie with Julie Walters who has the kind of career he admires for himself: “I’d love the career of Julie Walters. As a man.” he said.