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The pandemic continues…


Sky 1 has released a trailer for the second season of CBS’s global drama, Zoo.

Based on the book by James Patterson, Zoo follows an international group of people: American zoologist, Jackson Oz (James Wolk) and his Kenyan friend, Abraham (Nonso Anozie), Jamie (Kristen Connelly) a Los Angeles reporter, veterinary pathologist, Dr. Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke), and a French intelligence agent, Chloe Tousignant (Nora Arnezeder), who join forces to prevent a lethal pandemic of animal attacks on humans caused by a genetic mutation.

The picture above, also shows new season 2 cast addition, Alyssa Diaz who plays Dariela, a member of a military unit that encounters a strange and troubling new development in the animal mutation.

Josh Salatin also joins as Logan, a stranger Jamie encounters who might be holding a dangerous secret from her and Joanne Kelly as Allison Shaw, the Deputy Secretary of Defense who is actively seeking a solution to the animal crisis — and who is related to one of our characters.

Zoo Season 2 Starts on Sky 1 on Sunday 17th July.

Watch the trailer below…