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Walter Presents new border drama.


Walter Presents – Channel 4’s foreign language on-demand service, is to premiere six-part Polish drama The Border on Channel 4.

The Border focuses on a border guard unit specialising in detecting human-traffickers on the extreme border of the EU between Poland and Ukraine.

In the beautiful, yet isolated Bieszczady Mountains, a unit specialising in protecting the border from people-traffickers becomes the target of a devastating bomb attack. The Captain, Rebrow is the only survivor. Injured and shattered at the loss of his friends and girlfriend, and suspected of masterminding the tragedy himself, Rebrow becomes desperate to clear his name and find out who is responsible. He secretly begins his own investigation and discovers a dark political plot at play.

The Border is the first Polish drama to be broadcast on UK terrestrial television. Episode one of the series will premiere later this month on channel 4, with the rest of the series immediately available to view in full, free, exclusively on WalterPresents.com