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Steamy French drama arrives on UK screens


Watch the trailer (below) for BBC Two’s new ten-part Anglo-French drama, Versailles.

Created and written by Simon Mirren and David Wolstencroft, Versailles is an intoxicating world of secrets, betrayals, love and war.

The series has already been aired in France to critical acclaim, despite original complaints about the French King’s story being filmed in the English language. A second series of the drama has already been filmed.

The story focuses on the soon to be great king – 28 year-old Louis XIV (played by George Blagdon) in 1667 Versailles, France. A brilliant political strategist, Louis is haunted by the trauma a bitter civil war in which the nobility rebelled against the crown. Louis devises an elaborate Machiavellian plan to bring his rich courtiers to heel and establish his absolute power, by creating the lavish Palace of Versailles.

The cast also stars Alexander Vlahos as Philippe, Louis’ younger brother; Noémie Schmidt, as Henriette, wife of Philippe and the mistress of King Louis; Elisa Lasowski as King Louis’s Queen; Evan Williams as Chevalier, Philippe’s male lover.

Versailles begins on BBC Two on Wednesday, 1st June at 9:30pm.

Watch the trailer below…