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“I think the fans are going to be really happy”


Orange Is The New Black‘s Laura Prepon has revealed at the recent SAG Awards party in Los Angeles, that the fourth season of the Netflix drama will pick straight up from the season 3 finale.

Prepon who plays Alex Vauseman in the prison drama said, “What’s cool is season 4 actually picks up right where season 3 left off. So it’s literally, it continues five seconds later, which is really great because at the end of last season…I was in the greenhouse, and there was all this craziness going on and it’s awesome.”

Alex spent most of Season 3 trying to convince her on/off girlfriend Piper (Taylor Schilling) that her life was in danger. This, revealed Prepon, has a big impact in season 4 with Alex having an “F you Piper” moment for not believing her. “That’s their relationship, and that’s what’s so interesting about them,” Prepon said. “They love each other and they hate each other, and it’s frustrating and passionate, but there’s definitely some vindication there, for sure. Piper thought she was crazy all season, but she wasn’t.”

EW reports the actress also said there will be new characters and there will be “more people in the prison you’ll get to see.”

Adding, “This season I think is one of our best by far, and I think the fans are going to be really happy. Our writers are so good and Jenji is just so awesome, and they really, we just keep proving ourselves over and over again and Netflix just let’s us do our thing, man, it’s incredible.”

Orange Is the New Black Season 4 begins on Netflix on Friday, 17th June.