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Netflix’s dark comic superhero returning for more.


Netflix has confirmed, Marvel’s Jessica Jones will be returning for a second series.

Krysten Ritter will once again star in thirteen new episodes as Marvel comics private investigator / reluctant superhero Jessica Jones, it was announced at the Television Critics Association press tour.

However David Tennant will not be returning as Kilgrave in the second series (fans who’ve have seen season 1 will know why!).

As well as Jessica Jones and Daredevil, Netflix is also developing more Marvel dramas including, Luke Cage (starring Mike Colter who also appears in Jessica Jones Season 1), Iron Fist and The Defenders – which will feature characters from each of the aforementioned dramas. Daredevil Season 2’s The Punisher and Elektra, are also said to be getting spin-off series’.


Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, revealed the second series of Jessica Jones will not begin filming until they finish shooting the first season of Marvel’s The Defenders: “The complex [part] is really running into The Defenders. [That] production schedule will affect a lot of the Season 2 and Season 3 outputs [for other Marvel projects].”

Sarandos also commented on the likelihood of airing multiple Marvel series’ in a year: “Right now, these are produced at the scale of a major film, so they’re long production times and long post times. In some cases we have character crossover, which makes it more difficult to manage production in a way to jam two or three in. It’s not the goal, certainly, to put more than one or two out a year.”

Jessica Jones Season 1 premiered in November to positive reviews and is currently streaming on Netflix.