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Greg Davies comedy returns


Channel 4 sitcom Man Down has been commissioned for a third series of six episodes.

Starring Greg Davies, Man Down follows Dan, a childish idiot trapped in an adult’s life whose world is consistently staggering towards collapse. At the end of series 2, saw Dan come to a conclusion: he must change.

Still trapped in a teaching job he despised and rejected by the girl he thought will solve everything, Miss Lipsey (Jeany Spark), he turned his attentions to self-improvement. His friend Jo (Roisin Conaty) threw herself into consecutive doomed projects and remained blissfully happy with near-constant failure, while Brian (Mike Wozniak) was distracted by an unspoken event that was rocking his steady world, meaning Dan had to fend for himself. His always kind mother (Gwyneth Powell) and petrifyingly blunt aunt Nesta (Stephanie Cole) knew he needed help – and his pupils agreed. Did this series see Dan move on, avoid complete humiliation and evolve into a functioning member of society? No… no, it didn’t.

Nerys Evans, Channel 4’s Deputy Head of Comedy said, “We’re delighted to have Greg back with the Man Down team. We are in awe of quite how many utterly humiliating situations he’s willing to put himself through for the love of comedy. But we’re definitely in no mood to ask him to stop!”

Writer and star, Greg Davies, added, “I’m so thrilled that Channel 4 want me to spend the next sixth months locked in my home crying over a keyboard in my pants. The characters in Man Down series three are really going to pay for their generosity…”

Man Down is made by Avalon Television, with the third series set to air in 2016.