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A defining period of French history


BBC Two has picked up Versailles, a new sumptuous ten-part drama starring George Blagden (Les Miserables, The Vikings) and Alexander Vlahos (Merlin).

Set in a world of power, politics, betrayal, lust and declarations of war. The year is 1667 and King Louis XIV is a 28 year-old monarch on the cusp of greatness. A 17th century rock star and an utterly ruthless leader, he will stop at nothing to seize control of France and his enemies – and his weapon is the construction of a new seat of power and authority – the most beautiful palace in Europe and a symbol of absolute monarchy: Versailles.

Blagden and Vlahos will play the roles of Louis and his brother Philippe respectively.

The Anglo-French drama is brought to life by Simon Mirren (Without a Trace, Criminal Minds) and David Wolstencroft (Spooks, The Escape Artist). The producers are Claude Chelli (Braquo) and Anne Thomopoulos (Rome, The Tudors), with Jalil Lespert (Yves Saint Laurent) directing.

The series kicks off on Canal Plus in France in the Autumn; BBC Two is yet to announce an airdate.