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Jessica Knappett comedy returns


E4 comedy Drifters is returning later this year for a third series of six new episodes.

The comedy series from writer-performer Jessica Knappett focuses on three drifting twenty-some-things (Knappett, Lydia Rose Bewley and Lauren O’Rourke), best friends who are skint, single and trying to figure out love and life in Leeds, with hilariously humiliating encounters.

Jessica Knappett said “”I’m absolutely delighted we’ve got a new series because I’ve had my eye on a really nice new jumper. It seems people are really enjoying the series and it’s great to have the backing of E4 in pushing the boundaries for soft porn comedy. Aside from the fact that it’s great to know I am employed for another year, I really feel we have momentum with Drifters now. It’s a joy to write this filthy silliness knowing I’ll get to perform it with two of my best mates who can’t say no because I’m the boss lady and they have to do whatever I say. In the new series; Meg continues to be a walking disaster, advised by the world’s worst best friends Laura and Bunny. Expect more degrading jobs, skint desperation and atrocious sex. And there will be a wedding…”

C4 Comedy Commissioning Editor, Rachel Springett, said: “Jessica is a formidable talent who we are thrilled to working with on this third series of Drifters. We look forward to seeing what chaos and hilarity Jessica has in store for the girls this time around”.

Drifters is made by Bwark Productions.