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‘No Offence’ improves with team dynamic


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Episode two of the brand new series of No Offense brings us even ruder and comical madness as the team continues to keep the streets of Manchester safe from idiotic criminals.

With the team finding out that Dinah has taken in the surviving witness from the Down Syndrome killing case, they now face being in serious trouble with Detective Superintendent Darren Maclaren. The team are put onto a new case which involves a dodgy criminal, his ex-wife and mistress. DI Vivienne Deering and her team decide to go behind the top dogs backs and continue to solve the Down Syndrome killing case alongside the drug dealing case too. Which can only led to one thing: Chaos!

Following my lacklustre opinion of the first episode, I really did enjoy this episode and I’m hoping that this isn’t a one-off. The whole storyline with the man, ex-wife and mistress dealing drugs and growing them and the two women not having no idea about each other was an excellent piece of writing coming from Paul Abbott. He turned the seriousness into a bit of a comedy Jeremy Kyle moment.

I am hoping that No Offense can be bigger and better when it comes down to the rest of the series. The fact that the team was taken off the case and Deering decided to put her middle finger up to the big bosses and carried on with it, just showed how much of a strong character she is. One thing that I felt episode one missed, which was apparent in episode two, was the love and support the team has for each other and the love from Deering towards them. She is without a doubt the boss that some of us would love to have, and I think if this continues going forward, then we will be expecting an amazing and skilled bit of television for the future of No Offence and of course Paul Abbott.