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The potential to be Marmite TV

No Offence

Last month Inside Media Track sent Nick Pearmain to the No Offence press screening, which was followed by a Q&A with writer Paul Abbott and the cast. Read what he had to say below…

Paul Abbott doesn’t know when to stop, does he? He brought us the classic Shameless which was a massive hit worldwide. And now, he brings us something that could make people either love it or hate it. Ironically titled No Offense, is an 8-part drama based on an unorthodox police squad who tries to crack down on crime in London. But it isn’t going to be easy…

Episode one opens with us meeting Detective Constable Dinah Kowalska (Elaine Cassidy), DC Joy Freers (Alexandra Roach) and DC Spike Tanner (Will Mellor) who are investigating a death of a woman with Down’s Syndrome. The team is led by Detective Inspector Vivienne Deering, (Joanna Scanlan), who works hard with the team to capture the killer, but with a number of mistakes and dealing with slight comedy moments, she knows that the team has to get their heads down and work hard. They soon come to realise that the girl who is missing looks a lot like the Down Syndrome woman who was killed, and they must find her before time runs out. Without spoiling what happens, the outcome leaves Detective Deering questioning if she can trust a member of her team.

I honestly don’t know what to think about Channel 4’s No Offense. I did enjoy it, but I feel like it may end up dragging on longer than it should, and I’m concerned people will always compare it to Shameless even when they don’t mean to. However, Paul Abbott must have been aware of this to capture the Shameless fans. He says “No Offence came after searching for a concept that would match a Shameless landscape, which is f***ing enormous! I love cop shows, I love comedies, and nobody has found a blended set of ingredients that make that work and feel like a cop series that I wanted to make.”

The one character that I have fallen in love with is Joanna Scanlan’s D.I. Vivienne Deering. The short lady with blonde hair who is hardcore on all levels but will never fail to make the audience laugh. She even admitted that the only reason why she took the role is because of Paul Abbott himself. If I needed to explain her character then I would say two names… Peggy Mitchell and Gene Hunt all in one body – now that is sure as hell going to be entertaining.

Although, my opinion is initially one of uncertainty, I’m hoping that I will end up liking the future episodes. No Offense will be a TV show that will divide opinion with viewers choosing to either watch it or turn over. Yes, it has offensive comments in it and it could cause some uproar. However, Paul Abbott is a writing genius, and a very determined man!

No Offence starts on Channel 4 Tuesday, 5th May at 9pm.

Watch the trailer below…