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“The horror kicks in!”


As episode two continues to show us how the lives of the Hodges are still suffering, we learn that is not only them that are the victims of this haunting. The victims are also those who have contact with the family – Maurice Grosse being one of them. With their work carrying on, the horror does the same thing. Maurice continues to grieve for his dead daughter, the Poltergeist uses it to mess with his head and try and turn everyone against each other. Guy suggests that they should bring in a medium that could actually help them to get rid of this evil presence once and for all. Despite Maurice disagreeing, the medium comes anyway and they soon find out that they’re dealing with, something that even evil itself would fear!

After discovering that the poltergeist was once an ex paedophile called Joe who abused children, they have no choice but to contact the Society for Psychical Research and ask for help. However, have they put Janet and her family in more danger?

AT LAST! The horror kicks in and starts to make my hairs stand up at the back of my neck! A little girl being tormented by a demonic child abuser? How scary can it get?! Like I said in my first review, I was slightly disappointed and I was hoping that episode 2 could change my view. And my god, did it! The bit that made me seriously jump was when Janet was in the bathroom looking through the cupboard and as she closes the little cupboard the image of the old man appears from out of nowhere. I almost jumped out of my seat. What I thought was clever was they made out Janet’s character wasn’t well herself, which could make people talk about it and let them sit there and debate if this was a true story or it was only a family who wanted attention from the media.

I was extremely over the moon with this episode and I am not slightly gutted that episode three will be the last one of the series. I’m hoping that it will go out with a bang and make everyone question that one thing that people tend to have a fear of…. Are ghosts real?