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Faltering till the end!


The Enfield Haunting, Episode 1 – Review
The Enfield Haunting, Episode 2 – review

We say our goodbyes to The Enfield Haunting as the final episode was broadcast on Sky Living. However, did we all really enjoy it?

The episode opens with the media branding the Hodgson family, Maurice and Guy “fake”, which means the experts that was supposed to be helping the family, have decided to leave and forget all about it. Janet and her sister later admit that they made it up because they wanted Maurice and Guy back to investigate it. However, with more noises happening and Janet’s ability of witnessing these things, it soon becomes clear that Maurice isn’t letting things go due to the death of his daughter, and everyone, including Janet, knows that in order to stop this hell, Maurice needs to talk to her with the help of a medium. Maurice’s daughter makes it clear to him that he isn’t to blame for her death.

What I found remarkable, was the fact that I went onto Facebook and there must have been at least 4-5 people giving it such an awful write-up on their statuses. I’m glad I’m not the only who was left disgusted! Episode one was dreadful, episode two was finally getting somewhere, and then episode three was so awful and there was nothing that made me go ‘wow’. I’ve seen scarier episodes of the Teletubbies. The Enfield Haunting seemed more focused on the lovey-dovey relationship with the Hodgsons, Guy and Maurice than the story itself and for me that ruined it massively. There was supposed to be terrifying scenes, but I kept yawning and counting down the seconds until it was over. I was holding on to a lot of hope that this episode would have gone out with a bang, but I now know how the England football fans feel… Disappointed!

As much as Timothy Spall is a great actor, I feel he may have made a mistake by appearing in this – because now I can name a bad thing that he has appeared in. The ending made it look like a romantic movie; I honestly thought I was watching something completely different. I am extremely gutted that I couldn’t give The Enfield Haunting a more positive review. One of the worst TV programmes that I’ve watched in a long time.