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“I came here to die, this is totally unacceptable”


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After a couple of brutal weeks, Fortitude is starting to show its hand with the toxin attacks dis-proven and a new line of enquiry opened.

I mentioned previously about Dan and Henry’s father / son type relationship – seems I was right. Not that I guessed the truth that was a surprise. Still up on the glacier Henry’s last moments are interrupted by the arrival of DCI Morton confronting him about shooting Pettigrew. For his troubles Henry shoots him. Morton ever the optimistic, yet bleeding notes, “9mm … that’s survivable.” To which the pessimistic Henry replies “I don’t want you getting your hopes up, old son.” In other words, Morton has rained on his dying parade so for that he can expect no help. He at least gives him some morphine plus a confession that he is Dan’s father and he abandoned him and his mother to her so-called monster of a husband. Not dissimilar to abandoning Morton in his hour of need really. Eventually he caves and radios Dan for help – making sure to add on Morton knows everything, thus placing the moral dilemma firmly in his son’s hands before shooting himself in the head.

Natalie and Vincent discover that Liam’s spinal fluid does not have to same toxin in his blood stream as Shirley, but instead they both had the same infection, which Natalie assumes my have been passed by Dr Allerdyce. She’s on the right lines just not the right source, still unawares of the mammoth remains. Governor Hildur however decides the infection needs to be contained so Fortitude is placed on lockdown under the premise of a rabies scare – forcing everyone can be tested. The lockdown however interrupts Jules plan to leave Frank after he starts waving a gun around talking about “protecting his family.” After witnessing his torture of Markus it’s not surprising she decided to take Liam and leg it to the airport where Liam gives a piercing scream out of nowhere before going back to his trance like state, ending Jules emotional rant.

Markus, despite all that’s happened is seemingly calm but there’s definitely something simmering. He doesn’t call the police on Frank but says there will be consequences. I know some people have expressed that they are starting to feel sorry for him, (which I admit I kind of did last week) but I found it hard to sympathise considering his force-feeding before her death and his decision to steal Shirley’s body from the morgue and then set her body on fire into the sea. Her mother is technically still alive, so there was still a chance for her to say her goodbye’s.

Watching Elena and Carrie still yet to discover Ronnie, made me wonder if there really are rooms in the house people don’t enter for days? Is it days? I can never quite make out the timeline. It looked like his attacker, Jason, the latest victim of the ‘virus’ had come from his brutal attack straight to sit in the bath washing away the blood. But then Markus’ torture and Morton’s discoveries seemed to cover a longer period of time from when we were shown Ronnie’s attack. Anyway, Jason does a runner and heads over to stare at Liam through his window, who is oblivious to Jason’s presence. Meanwhile, Carrie pushes Elena who bangs her head after they discuss the possibility Ronnie might be dead. Is Carrie showing early signs of the virus too? She didn’t appear very remorseful and seemed quite detached, despite offering the bag of peas.

The best part of the episode though was watching Dan struggle with his conscience. Should he go and save Morton or leave him to die? Great acting by Richard Dormer there as we watched his internal struggle. I’d like to think him telling Eric he’ll “make a good Sheriff one day” is his way of saying he’s going to do the right thing. Dan may not be squeaky-clean but he does seem to have some principles. ” He also has a habit of making Hildur’s suggestions seem laughable, “you’re suggesting we tell everyone there’s a contagious disease here but that they can’t leave?” She at least has the decency to look sheepish when he points out that “8oo armed civilians, and four police officers” are not good odds.

Although no-one picked up the message about the “mammoth graveyard” being a “goldmine”, if Morton survives next week then the key to the ‘virus’ should surely be unlocked?