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“It’s not safe to live here, for any animal”


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Did you hide behind your hands? We’re back to brutal and grisly territory this week, with close-up scenes of Shirley’s brain removal and nail-pulling with pliers. It was all very vicariously flinching.

Liam has finally been woken up and allowed home with his feet miraculously recovered; his mind debatable. He’s not saying much but brightens up at Henry’s parting gift of the tupilaq. All that effort didn’t last long though with Frank’s temper once again ruining it – and appearing to awaken Liam’s darker side again. Look out Fortitude Liam’s not finished with you yet! It could very well be in the genes though (doubtful), with Frank’s continued effort to torture Markus into a confession; believing he somehow coerced both Liam and Shirley into attacking people. When punches and nail pulling (winces) doesn’t work, he moves on to drilling. Luckily, Jules turns up just in time to stop him before they leave a crying Markus bloodied on the floor.

Meanwhile Governor Hildur puts her husband Eric straight after he tries to win her round after her declaration last week that she was leaving him, telling him, “It’s not that I can’t forgive you, it’s that you’re not my man any more. He’s gone.” Anderssen does his own straight-talking to Hildur who’s lamenting the loss of her precious glacier hotel with the mainland pulling out their resources, reminding her “You’re our governor, you’re not some sales person for novelty hotels. This place is in danger you’re needed, truly needed. You’re the one person everybody will turn to and everybody trusts.” That told her!

The loss of her plans aren’t her only worries when Vincent discovers that “psychotic”bears are attacking each other and believes that the effects of pollution and toxins are causing it – and may well be the same thing that caused Liam and Shirley to have committed the brutal attacks. Hildur is quick to tell Anderssen “we mustn’t connect them in public. we cannot let fear to take hold” while reigning in her shock that the environment of Fortitude may not be safe for any species to live. The tests prove positive for toxins in Shirley’s brain and now Vincent wants Liam’s parents to agree to a lumbar puncture to test Liam’s spinal fluid. They may have to find him first, as he’s took off with the broken tupilaq.

DCI Morton is chipping away at Pettigrew’s murder going through evidence, making it clear to Anderssen the likelihood of a geologist travelling on foot, not dressed for the freezing weather seems highly improbable. He later stumbles on Henry’s dark room and that picture of Pettigrew’s severed arm handcuffed. Something tells me Anderssen’s smile isn’t going to help him out of this one.

Elena is still caring for Carrie, with Ronnie still undiscovered in the boiler room of his home after being attacked in a similar manner to the others. Like Dr Allerdyce (who were still yet to see since the attack) he’s still alive but appears to be in some kind of trance with his eyes white and trying to speak. Sheriff Anderssen tells Elena theyre search is now expecting to find Ronnie’s dead body. Meanwhile, Henry is hoping to die his way with vodka and a gun looking out over the icy views. Before he leaves he talks with Anderssen who hints he killed Pettigrew “out of love” (I’m assuming he means for/because of Elena?). It’s a shame Henry and Anderssen’s relationship wasnt explained more as they appeared before the death of Pettigrew to have had a father/son type relationship. Henry’s character always seemed a bit superfluous; lots of hints of knowing what’s going on but very little reveal.

So what do we think? Environment or supernatural?