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Anatomy: the Fortitude way


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At last the supernatural hints finally pay off as we discover the result of the mammoth infection/virus in an episode that would fit right on with an episode of the X-Files.

Creepy Markus has found a way to feed up his little bird (aka Shirley) who is still lying in bed sick. The answer: condensed milk through a tube, enema style. Thanks Markus but I think I’d pass. Meanwhile, her mother Doctor Allerdyce doesn’t seem to be helping much, other than reminding her she cares for her. This takes a brutal sinister turn later, as we’ll get to later in the review.

Henry is donating his blood for the Sutter’s protection tupilaq, but with a warning that it can come back at the one who evoked it. During the procedure Henry gets a flashback, curious he develops the pictures off his camera to reveal a picture showing Pettigrew’s severed arm handcuffed to a jetty.

DCI Morton is proving elusive to Anderssen who spends most of the episode frantically searching for him. Morton has a quiet week though, more interested in getting back Pettigrew’s stolen report and finding out what the Russian security guy Yuri knows. Yuri believes Eric killed Pettigrew for the report and everyone is covering it up. A flashback to the night before Pettigrew’s death reveals whatever is under the ice is worth a £1 million, according to a drunken Pettigrew and Yuri. Later as they leave Yuri falls and knocks himself out after witnessing Pettigrew getting into a heated argument with Eric. When he comes round neither are to be seen but there is blood in the snow. Hildur seems oblivious to what’s been going on with her husband but as a final parting shot Trish helpfully drops the news that she has been sleeping with Eric and stays with Hildur out of duty.

The one thing Morton does glaringly miss this week is Ronnie and Carrie crossing his path. Carrie however has had enough and frankly so have I with this storyline. It’s not the most interesting plot point. Eventually Carrie gets her wish as Ronnie’s attempt to sell the tusk for passage fails after a fisherman pulls a gun on Ronnie and sails off with the tusk.

In series like this I always worry when a character seems to be happy and having fun like PC’s Ingrid and Petra as it usually means something less pleasant is round the corner. Tonight it was only Frank who interrupts the fun of what is effectively an 80’s party after discovering Elena went to see his son ending up in yet another scuffle with Anderssen. Again, not quite sure what purpose this served?

The big reveal this week was all about the last 5 minutes. Just like Liam, Shirley gets out of bed and goes to her mother in the kitchen in the same trance-like state Liam was. She then, in graphic detail, hits her mother over the head, stabs and cuts her open with a fork and then regurgitates liquid into her exposed stomach contents. I’m sure many viewers battled to keep your dinner down this week?

I think we can safely assume although both Liam and Shirley have committed the murders, neither was acting under their own volition? The mammoth was obviously some kind of host which has passed on to those who have come into contact with it. Will Petra be doing the autopsy? Is it only contact with the mammoth or can it be passed through victims? Like I said, very X-Files but sets up for an interesting episode next week.