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BBC America has teased the third season of Orphan Black with new teasers trailers starring Tatiana Maslany as each of the clones, asserting that the Dyad Institute do not own or control them.

The teasers also reveal that Cosima plans to keep the book the professor gave Kira secret until they can decipher the science of it. Alison warns the “boy clones” to stay away from her family. Paul has Elena locked up and Sarah and Castor face off.

Reprising their roles alongside Maslany is Jordan Gavaris, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Dylan Bruce, Kevin HanchardEvelyne Brochu and Skyler Wexler.

Season 3 will also see new cast additions including James Frain, Kyra Harper, Earl Pastko, Ksenia Solo and Justin Chatwin.

Orphan Black: Season 3 Teaser Trailer & Picture debuts

Orphan Black Season 3 will begin in the US on Saturday, April 18th. BBC Three has yet to announce when it will air the new season in the UK, however, it is expected to be aired within a similar time frame.