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After the BBC (yet again) put The Musketeers on hold, the second series finally gets back underway this Friday.

When Athos (Tom Burke) is kidnapped and taken back to his estate of Pinon, The Musketeers go in search of him and find themselves in the middle of a battle against a nobleman, the Baron Renard (Miles Anderson).

The Musketeers returning for third series

Baron Renard is shocked by Athos’ decision to reject his nobility and is determined to seize the land for himself. As the Musketeers train the people of Pinon in combat and defend them against multiple attacks, Athos is forced to confront his past, when he encounters an old friend whose life was ruined by his actions years ago.

Linzey Cocker, Marianne Oldham and Barney White also guest star.

More Musketeers

The Musketeers series 2, episode 5: ‘The Return’ airs on BBC One on Friday 13th February at 9pm.

Check out the pictures for episode 5: ‘The Return’ below:

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Watch a preview clip for episode 5 below…