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What did I say about that cough! Poor old Shirley (Jessica Gunning) has fallen ill with flu-like symptoms and weirdy Markus (Darren Boyd) still thinks she’s up for his feeding fetish. Here’s hoping Marcus picks up the lurgi.

Elsewhere another look at Stoddart’s body reveals a child’s finger nail in his chest cavity. A flashback to the night of the murder reveals that upon seeing Liam through the window of his house, Stoddart (Christopher Eccleston) picks him up and sits him on the kitchen counter, trying to warm up the frozen boy just before Liam hits him over the head with a chopping board. I’m unsure if Liam was initially sleepwalking? It appeared that way which may explain why he hit the Professor if he woke him. However, it still doesn’t explain how his fingernail got into the body or his casual behaviour towards the dog. On a side note did Stoddart have a cocaine problem?

DCI Morton (Stanley Tucci) and Hilder decide the only way to find out the truth is to wake Liam from his sedation much to the anguish of his mother. A groggy Liam tells them he did have his hand in the body before the pain of the frostbite takes over his body and he begins to panic.

News soon travels fast as the locals try to understand how a small boy could be a murderer, which incidentally Markus seems overally cheerful to spread. The news hits Henry hard, resulting in him going to his friend the taxidermist, who just happens to be a shaman in the hopes of a an old Indian protective spell. Henry offers up his own blood when he’s told they need to use the blood of a murderer. Is Henry a murderer though? Morton’s snooping in his hotel room reveals the floor has been changed meaning it’s likely Pettigrew was killed in the hotel room and not by the bear or Henry’s shot. Which can only mean his body was left for the bear to destroy evidence.

Sofie Gråbøl‘s Hilder has been a little quiet in the last few episodes but this week she’s runs a gamut of emotions; firstly taking the hard line to wake Liam, then struggling to comprehend how the family will cope with Liam’s revelation and finally witnessing Eric and Trish’s hug. It’s pretty clear if she wasn’t aware of there affair before she certainly suspects now.

Sheriff Anderssen (Richard Dormer) meanwhile is doing a good job at dodging Morton’s psychological interrogation. He’s less successful at convincing the DCI of his innocence when it comes to his explanation of Pettigrew’s death which he cites as a “mercy killing”.

Fortitude has had a few shaky episodes but it’s picking up pace nicely as we reach the half way mark. I don’t think Liam’s the killer but I’m looking forward to more mysterious goings on to come. Hopefully next week Ronnie will return to civilisation following his daughters plea to go home.