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“You’re besotted!”


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Fortitude: episode 3 recap

Anderssen’s violent attack on Frank in episode 3 might have been brutal but it finally led to us getting some answers and quickening the pace.

The bloodied shirt discovered in Frank’s bin is revealed to have Stoddart’s DNA on. The police obviously jump straight to thinking that proves he’s the killer. However, the story turns out to be a lot more confusing and potentially a little unrealistic. After discovering Frank was discharged from the Army due to an eye condition (and probably not fit to work for search and rescue), Morton presses on about his affair with Elena and how his shirt came to be covered in Stoddart’s blood. Some crafty editing previously led the audience to be believe it was his illicit encounter with Elena that led to the bloodshed. Instead Frank says that it’s Liam’s blood. Which can only mean one thing: Liam was present when Stoddart was murdered.

Here’s where Fortitude becomes unstuck, as a lack of timeline makes it difficult to piece things together succinctly. We saw Liam climb out of his window and when his father returned he was back in bed but with severe frostbite. Anderssen believes Liam was taken, but it’s probably more likely he was coerced? Which begs the question: how long was Frank gone with Elena to give Liam enough time to leave the house, walk to Stoddart’s, witness whatever he did and then return back to bring up blood in time for his dad’s return? That seems a long time.

Elena turns out not to be Elena after all but Esmeralda, a convicted murderer who has served eight years in prison and is now looking to live her life in Fortitude under a new identity, with only Anderssen knowing her real identity. Not much gets past Morton though, as he casually brings up that she blushes at the mention Pettigrew’s name. Although no answer is forthcoming as to why, I’m pretty sure Morton is like a dog with a bone – just he’s quite happy to play the waiting game to get it. It also leads to Anderssen finally clicking as to Morton’s real reason for coming to Fortitude. Not that he’s in any position to comment this week. Between beating up Frank, hiding Elena’s secret and finding it impossible to keep his nose out of the case and evidence he’s not exactly popular. Not to mention his infatuation with Elena becoming public knowledge. As Morton said “You’re besotted”, it did however, lead him to finding Liam’s soiled pyjamas, thus proving the couple’s innocence.

Elsewhere Ronnie is still hiding out with his daughter who becomes frightened when she thinks she can hear a Polar Bear outside their tent. Ronnie plays it off saying it’s just reindeer but the blood on the ice the next morning and Ronnie’s injured hand show otherwise. Not that his daughter has noticed yet.

Mysterious goings on include Shirley finding the Mammoth remains. She didn’t seem interested but she did cough when she came out of the lock-up. I could be being paranoid but I’m convinced it means something? I still believe the Mammoth is harbouring some kind of virus or disease which may be the reason for the deaths. Shirley has another creepy encounter to deal with in the form of boyfriend Markus who is taking her on a force-feeding “adventure.” It’s all very unsettling. I’m oddly more worried about Markus’ slimy moves than anything the Mammoth might be carrying.

As for the final mystery: Hermaphrodite reindeer foetuses! Your guess is as good as mine…