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Gillian spirals as dirt, guilt and anger threaten the big day.


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Gillian’s wedding day has arrived but will she go through with it?

Check out our 12 teasers for the Last Tango In Halifax Series 3 finale, which airs on Sunday, 1st February at 9pm on BBC One.

Last Tango In Halifax: Series 3 Finale – Pictures & Clip

“You can’t put a price on avoiding deep vein thrombosis.”

“Peacekeeping. My whole wedding is a glorified peacekeeping operation.”

“I think it must be something else, I’m wondering if I’m coming down with flu.”

“I don’t want to be constantly reminded by him about that regrettable part of my life.”

“When did you read Watchmen?”

“You know, you can always get divorced afterwards.”

“I knew. I knew he did. And I’m sorry, I’m sorry I pretended that I didn’t know, cos I did know.”

“Who thought I was shagging Greg?”

“Of course it’s a shame. It’s a shame he’s the insensitive, self-centred sod he is, but there we are…”

“They’re all our kids aren’t they, in one way and another!”

“You realise we’re gonna get covered in cack and goo and grease, general shite?”

“Can you do that, can you have a dad and a half step-dad?”