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Greg joins the family, while Gary annoys his


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Last Tango In Halifax: Series 3, Episode 5 Pictures & Clip

Check out our 12 dialogue teasers for the penultimate episode of Last Tango In Halifax series 3, which airs on BBC One, Sunday 25th January at 9pm.

“No I’m the grandmother – well step-grandmother – am I the step-grandmother?”

“I hope you didn’t bugger up the undercarriage of your jalopy driving up our track.”

“Is there an argument for you and me… getting back together?”

“I’m surprised she can balance with knockers that size; I’m surprised she doesn’t just fall over.”

“That’s emotional blackmail.”

“Can’t he see that it embarrassing for both of us?”

“Mother in law on hand all day with endless stream of more than welcome vital comments.”

“You’re not the Greg Burchell that does the Death Grip books are you?”

“It’s all about her, it’s not about me or my situation.”

“God you’re like something out of a joke book aren’t you!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to start a massive argument between you.”

“I told you I didn’t want a baby; I said I didn’t want a baby.”