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New series, new troubles

Last Tango In Halifax S3

(C) Red Productions / Ben Blackall

Derek Jacobi, Anne Reid, Nicola Walker and Sarah Lancashire return in Last Tango In Halifax for a third series tomorrow (28th December 2014) on BBC One at 9pm, and just like previous years we’ve listed 12 dialogue teasers from the first episode. See if you can guess who says what below…

Last Tango In Halifax Series 3 Pictures & Trailer

“I’d forgotten it was Valentine’s Day.”

“Eh, don’t you get shirty Bertie with me.”

“Why don’t we get married – properly… married?”

“Nobody is going to bully, or humiliate or ridicule me or anyone, anyone in this school.”

“Why do you assume I wouldn’t like it?”

“What does he look like?”

“I can never work out whether you love Gillian to bits or you think she’s a complete plonker.”

“Yes, three: Tim, Tootes and Teenie. I’ve got no idea!”

“What the hell does Caroline know about it?”

“I often flick through the G2 and Alan buys a Guardian.”

“I don’t suppose I could move in at farm?”

“My mother died!”