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2014 has been a great year for TV, especially British drama alongside lots of new American imports. Here at Inside Media Track we’ve compiled our Top 30 picks of this year’s TV, starting with 30 – 21. I’m sure there may be cries of why the likes of Fargo, Hannibal and The Bridge are missing from our list. The simple answer is, I haven’t watched them yet so would rather give a true account and not conform to appraising a show I am unable to pass judgement on.

Check out our picks below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

30. Rev. Series 3


Tom Hollander returned as Father Adam facing the possibility of losing his beloved St Saviour’s. Rev provided a much needed warm and funny addition to the lacklustre comedy schedules of late.

29. Inside No.9


The macabre comedy from Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith used a host of guest stars to tell six very different stories from the hilarious ‘Sardines’ to the ridiculous ‘Last Gasp’. Mostly it showcased the weird and wonderful mind of its writers.

28. Our Girl

Our Girl - Generics

Lacey Turner returned to the role of army medic Molly Dawes, torn between Captain James and her army friend Smurf. A reminder of what a great actor Lacey is. Although it only adds to my puzzlement regarding her return to EastEnders but I have no doubt she will continue to impress in future roles. Will Molly return? As much a I enjoyed the series I hope not, purely because for once we got a semi-happy ending.

27. Sherlock Series 3


A contentious choice for our number 27, there’s no denying Sherlock makes you think like no other but this series lacked the finesse and intrigue of the previous series and lost track of Sherlock’s character at times which I found jarring. Watson’s wedding full of sentimentality and little plot seemed too slow for the normally fast paced series.

26. Common


Writer Jimmy McGovern returned with his hard hitting drama Common focusing on the injustice of Common law. Nico Mirallegro gave a stunning performance as someone faced with prison after unwittingly being caught up in a crime he took no part in. It was a grim watch but a politically poignant one.

25. Arrow Season 3


The comic book adaptation continued to impress with stunning fight sequences and complex characters. The series even had time to open up a window for The Flash series to co-exist too with crossovers smoothing the way.

24. Gogglebox


I was late to the Gogglebox party, but the hype was indeed true: watching other people watch telly is strangely addictive and hilarious. An hour in front of Gogglebox and the world seems a lighter place. Who said watching too much TV was bad for you?

23. Silk Series 3


Sadly Silk ended after three series leaving a very ambiguous finale receiving a mixed response from viewers. The brilliant Maxine Peake continued to bring pathos and a strong physical presence to Peter Moffat‘s well-crafted courtroom drama.

22. Gotham


If you haven’t already noticed from my articles, I’m a cult TV and film fan, so you’d think Gotham would be right up my street – but seeing as Batman has always being my least favourite of the comic book heroes, I was cautious with my enthusiasm for the prequel series. However, I was pleasantly surprised how much I really enjoyed Gotham. With the creation of Batman yet to enter the thoughts of young Bruce Wayne, the focus instead is in Ben Mckenzie‘s safe hands as detective Jim Gordon aka the future Commissioner. It’s basically a police procedural sprinkled with comic book fantasy. Great casting has made well known characters believably portrayed in a different context.

21. Homeland Season 4


Brody who? The departure of Damien Lewis opened up the chance to reinvigorate Homeland and indeed Carrie, played brilliantly by Claire Danes. With tense stand-offs, secrets and a heavy dose of manipulation, the series returned with a slick story and even better visual camerawork.

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