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Cameras to follow Welsh students in ‘Educating…’ series

Educating The East End

We’ve had Educating Yorkshire,  Essex and the East End and now Channel 4 are taking the popular documentary series to a school in Cardiff, Wales.

Made by Twofour productions the fourth “Educating…” series will focus on the students and teachers of Willows High School, situated in the South east of Cardiff, with pupils coming from three local areas. Under the leadership of its new Head Teacher the school has been on a rapid and considerable journey of improvement for the past three years. At Willows High School every pupil is known by name, and the relationships are built on trust and mutual respect. Through the eyes of fixed-rig cameras, this brand new nine-part series will observe the pivotal relationships between the students and their teachers as they work towards the all-important exams which help determine their futures as well as charting the friendships that help them cope in this quickly changing world.

Head Teacher Joy Ballard says, ‘We were delighted when we were asked to take part in the fourth series. Willows has been on an incredible journey over the past three years and has been transformed from one of the worst performing schools in the country to a school that we are very proud of. Our pupils are amazing; warm, friendly and funny with such incredible potential and our teachers talented, committed and always prepared to go that extra mile to ensure that our pupils achieve, no matter what their starting point. We believe that the relationships between our staff and pupils are extraordinary and want the series to show how so many of our pupils are beginning to fulfil their life potential.’

Commissioning Editor David Brindley says: We’re thrilled to be heading to Wales and Willows High for the fourth instalment of one of our best-loved series. Following on from Essex, Yorkshire and most recently the East End, under the stewardship of Mrs Ballard, this ‘Educating…’ promises to unearth more inspirational, humorous and moving stories from the corridors of this characterful Cardiff school.

The Educating… series – yet to be given an official title – is set to air Autumn 2015.