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Kurupt FM Crew to return to BBC Three


BBC Three has recommissioned critically-acclaimed mockumentary, People Just Do Nothing for a new five-part series.

Created by Roughcut Television, the series follows the never-ending quest for expansion and air-time glory of Brentford’s pirate radio station Kurupt FM, led by self-proclaimed garage legend MC Grindah and his second in command, DJ Beats.

On learning that his fame is set to continue, MC Grindah said: “Big up everyone for showing love. We have infiltrated the industry and now we’re gonna destroy it! …Well, not destroy it…make it better probably.”

Crew fixer and self-styled entrepreneur Chabuddy G can’t wait to return to the limelight. “Ah thank God. I could do with a bit of airtime. These re-usable laser eye surgery kits won’t sell themselves.”

Whereas DJ Steves said: “We’re on a TV programme?”

Producer Jon Petrie added: “We’re chuffed that BBC Three has confirmed series two. We were very proud of our first series and are pleased to get the chance to spend more time with the Kurupt FM crew and their families.”

Commissioning Editor Chris Sussman said: “I’m delighted we’ve re-commissioned this series. I know for a fact it’s one of the Director General’s favourites. I once saw him in the lifts throwing his Ks up.”