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Stephen Tompkinson returns in ITV drama


ITV has recommissioned detective drama DCI Banks starring Stephen Tompkinson for a fourth series.

The six-part series, which also stars Andrea Lowe (Love Life, Monroe) as DS Annie Cabbot and Caroline Catz (Doc Martin) as DI Helen Morton. Keith Barron and Polly Hemmingway also return as Banks’ parents, Arthur and Ida.

This fourth series will feature powerful personal stories for the lead characters, both in their private lives and in their work environment; a deeper exploration of Banks’ relationship with his parents, further complications in Annie and Banks on/off romance and a personal crisis that threatens Helen’s career.

The first story, What Will Survive, revolves around a young woman found buried alive and her connections to a man, his autistic son and a family that seem to have silenced the town.  We also see Banks’ life turned upside down by tragic events in his own family.  What Will Survive is written by Nicholas Hicks-Beach (Law & Order: UK, Lewis).  Home, is written by Noel Farragher (Law & Order: UK, Above Suspicion 2: Deadly Intent) and deals with an unfolding tragedy as a well-loved young Maths teacher is run over deliberately by a car outside his school.  His Muslim girlfriend suspects her own father and cousin who disapprove of the relationship and the fact she has left her husband from an arranged marriage.

In the final story Ghosts, which is written by Paul Logue (Midsomer Murders, Death In Paradise), Helen’s past comes back to haunt her when an old flame from another Police force implies he is being framed.  He begs for her help shortly before he is killed in mysterious circumstances.

DCI Banks is made by Left Bank Pictures and inspired by the books written by acclaimed novelist Peter Robinson who will continue to be involved in the creative process, ensuring the stories are true to his characters and the spirit of DCI Banks.

ITV’s Head of Drama Series, Jane Hudson said: “This series will see Banks pushed to the limit as he tackles his toughest crimes to date whilst dealing with a personal tragedy which turns his life upside down.”

Executive producer, Andy Harries said:  “What people love about DCI Banks is the compelling stories that are drawn from real life and often inspired by real events.  It’s a proper British detective show set in the heart of modern Yorkshire.”

DCI Banks begins filming in Yorkshire later this month (September 2014).