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New writing talent for BBC One


BBC One has commissioned new 4-part drama, From Darkness, from Katie Baxendale (Sugar Rush) in her first original series commission.

When Clare Church left the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) in the mid-90s, she turned her back on a world of misogyny and chauvinism, where it seemed you had to think and act like a man to succeed in a man’s world.

Ignored in the office and second place in her relationship with her married DI, Clare found solace instead on the remote island of Canna, with her new man, Norrie, and daughter Megan.

Now, as four bodies from Clare’s past investigations are unearthed, Clare finds herself getting pulled back in to a world she’d long since left behind and a case that only she can solve.

Battling her own demons, Clare feels the dual pull of a vocation that sustained her and a man she once loved… but can she protect herself from the darkness this time?

Charlotte Moore, Controller, BBC One, says: “From Darkness brings new writing talent to BBC One – Katie Baxendale’s first original commission is a powerful and provocative new serial.”

A Drama North production, From Darkness will film in the North of England in early 2015; casting will be announced in due course.