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The third episode of Utopia series 2 sees the gang on the run to find a precocious young hacker, who uncovers the key to The Network’s new plan: a real global outbreak of weaponised Russian flu that will prompt the entire world to take up their vaccine on V Day.

Utopia series 2 continues on Channel 4 on Tuesday, 22nd July at 10pm.

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WILSON WILSON Adeel Akhtar 16202

ARBY Neil Maskell and LEE Paul Ready 02 copy2

BECKY Alexandra Roach 09 copy2

IAN Nathan Stewart Jarrett GRANT Oliver Woollford BECKY Alexandra Roach  07 copy2

LEE Paul Ready 1022

LEE Paul Ready 1932

MILNER Geraldine Jame background and R LEAH Sylvestra Le Touzel 11 copy2

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