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Yet again, the legend himself brings back one of the world’s much loved characters, Jonah! Chris Lilley who stars and co-writes all of his work has delighted fans with giving another one of his characters their own TV show. With the success from Summer Heights High, Angry Boys and Ja’mie: Private School Girl, this TV comedy gold shows us the lives, the mayhem, the wreck, and laughs Jonah and his school pals share with us!

In episode one, we see Jonah has moved from Summer Heights High and is now living with his uncle, auntie and cousins – which no one is happy with. So they decide that it’s time that Jonah moves back to Sydney and goes to a new school and already he’s starting trouble! From locking kids up in school lockers to starting fights which is caused by dancing, (which Jonah is very passionate about, but can’t do it properly). This causes a new friction between Mr Jospeh and Jonah which could lead to a love/hate relationship. I think finally Jonah has met his match in the strict and hardcore teacher. And we also discover that our Jonah has a little crush on a certain Mrs Hunt…. Could it lead to a new romance?

Chris Lilley never fails to amuse me. Every sitcom which he has worked on has always been such a massive hit to everyone worldwide. Some people who watch this show will make remarks on the fact that this school is based on a very religious school which has a character like Jonah in it, which you know it’s going to be funny and offensive. But you can’t help to love him and the stuff he comes out with! It is very difficult for a character to have his or her’s own TV show. People can never really get their heads around it because they only expect to see a character for only a few minutes. Which is why I find it amazing that Chris Lilley has given it a shot. Let’s just hope it doesn’t ‘puck’ up for him….