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Kieren (Luke Newberry) finds the strength to face his family without contact lenses and cover-up mousse for the first time but is saddened by their reaction.

Worse still, he’s arrested by Dean (Gerard Thompson) and hauled in front of the parish council, wrongly accused of freeing the rabids in the GP Surgery. Despite his protestations, the council place Kieren under house arrest, threatening to send him back to the Norfolk treatment centre if he doesn’t confess. A desperate Kieren escapes the house and is floored to discover Simon (Emmett J Scanlan) has disappeared – and has a stash of illicit Blue Oblivion at the bungalow.

Philip (Stephen Thompson), who is contemplating life beyond the village council, is delighted when Amy invites him on a ‘crazy’ daytrip and they share their first proper kiss. However, as her health worries increase, she has a shocking proposition for him.

Meanwhile, we – and Gary – follow Simon to the city. We flashback to his horrific experiences in and outside the treatment centre, learning how he was radicalized and became the Undead Prophet’s final and most beloved disciple. In the present, Simon receives a mission from the Undead Prophet which rocks his faith for the first time. However, he returns to Roarton grimly resolved to do his duty.

Gary, also back in the village, is growing increasingly riled from Maxine’s (Wunmi Mosakuclassified intelligence. He doesn’t know the nature of Simon’s mission, but one thing is for certain – danger is looming in Roarton.

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