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Kieren’s (Luke Newberry) dreams of escape are left in tatters when Maxine (Wunmi Mosaku) imposes an Undead travel ban on Roarton, also introducing stringent measures for PDS Sufferers to pay back their debt to society.

However, being thrust together with Simon (Emmett J Scanlan) on Maxine’s ‘Give Back Scheme’ has its benefits. The two have a connection, and Kieren agrees to go to Simon’s Undead party that night – where Simon makes a surprising declaration. Meanwhile, Amy (Emily Bevan) disguises her increasing health worries by getting high on sheep’s brains.

We also follow troubled Jem (Harriet Cains) into school. A 19 year-old among 16 year-olds, she feels completely alienated… until her history class studies the Rising and she’s revealed to be an ex-HVF war hero. Although inwardly conflicted about her former life, and suffering from the symptoms of undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder, Jem enters into the role of the bad-ass heroic war veteran. Her reputation soars and she’s befriended by the school’s popular girls.

When a PDS prank goes wrong, resulting in a terrifying rabid in the corridors, Jem’s class look to her to protect them. However, her PTSD kicks in and she is humiliated in front of everyone, much to the delight of one of her classmates with an axe to grind.

Jem gravitates to Gary, finding solace in a world she understands: hunting rabids in the woods. We see Gary’s gentler side as he and Jem grow even closer. But disaster strikes when Jem, drunk and suffering flashbacks, gives chase dangerously near the perimeter fence…

Episode 2 of In The Flesh series 2 airs on Sunday 11th May at 10pm on BBC Three.

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