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Harry Pearce is back with more action, intrigue, new and familiar faces.


With filming of Spooks: The Greater Good now in production, the first picture has been released showing MI5 stalwart Harry Pearce (played by Peter Firth) and Game Of Thrones Kit Harington as his protégé Will Crombie.

Details of the feature film which will be released in cinemas in 2015, has been sparse but the director of the spy story, Bharat Nalluri – who also directed some of the TV episodes – has shed more light to Empire Online about what we can expect when it hits the big-screen: “The canvas is huge on this, we’re running from Moscow to Berlin to London. It’s a story of the old world and new world.”

Spooks is well-know for predicting the news before it happens, Nalluri reveals, just like the TV series they will follow the same formula: “You could say that Harry is having a Nick Fury moment”, laughs Nalluri, “although Captain America is set against a very fictionalised world. Spooks, at its best, has always plucked from the headlines.”

Adding, “we closed the show in 2011, thinking we’d mined everything, but then it kick-started again. You’ve got Julian Assange hanging out in the Ecuadorian embassy, Chelsea Manning, guys grinding computer discs in The Guardian’s basement, home-grown Jihadists, email hacking, spying on the Germans, Syria… it’s an unbelievable stew.”

Jennifer Ehle and Tuppence Middleton, will also appear in the spy thriller alongside Spooks veteran Tim McInnerny who played Oliver Mace in the series.

Nalluri also hints at a possible return of Matthew MacFadyen who appeared in the first three series as MI5 agent Tom Quinn, and made a surprise appearance in the final episode: “We brought him back in the very last episode of the last season, make of that what you will…” he teases.
For those that enjoyed Spooks all-action adventure element, the film is set to deliver, “The toy box is out for this one. We’ve got motorbikes, attacks on convoys, huge sniper sequences in the middle of London. It’s set piece after set piece” reveals Nalluri.

Is Harry and co safe from the Deep Fat Fryer you may ask? Or will production company Kudos continue the series trademark of killing off its popular characters? Nalluri cautions, “It’s hard and it’s unsparing and certainly no-one in safe in the film. There’ll be lots of twists.”

Filming of Spooks: The Greater Good continues for another two months in London, Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz and Alexanderplatz, Moscow and Pinewood Studios.

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