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New adaption of classic literature


Writer Adrian Hodges

Musketeers writer Adrian Hodges is adapting classic LP Hartley book ‘The Go-Between’ for BBC One.

Made by BBC Drama Production, the 90-minute film follows Leo Colston, and elderly man who pieces together his childhood memories after finding his diary from 1900, which he wrote when he was 13 years old. A nostalgic tale about lost innocence, The Go-Between paints beautiful pictures of British life, humanity and social hierarchy at the beginning of the 20th century.

Adrian Hodges says: “Adapting The Go-Between has been a real labour of love. It’s a book I’ve admired ever since I read it many years ago, and its subtle power and devastating emotional impact remains undiminished. Hartley’s detailed portrait of class tensions, sexual betrayal and emotional devastation remains as powerful as ever. It has been a privilege to work on it and the fulfilment of a personal ambition.”

The Go-Between is part of a classic season of 20th-century literature, and is executive produced by Sue Hogg and Adrian Hodges and produced by Claire Bennett.