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Paddy Considine to return as Victorian detective in ITV drama


ITV has recommissioned The Suspicions of Mr Whicher starring Paddy Considine for two 120-minute new films, made by Hat Trick Productions. 

Set in mid Victorian England the series is inspired by the real life career of celebrated 19th century detective Jonathan ‘Jack’ Whicher and based on the best-selling book by Kate Summerscale.

The second series focuses on Jack Whicher in his new found role of ‘private inquiry agent’ in two films titled: ‘Beyond the Pale’ and ‘Til Death Do Us Part’, written by award-winning playwright Helen Edmundson (Coram Boy, Mary Shelley, War and Peace – with the National Theatre, the RSC).

In the first story, Whicher is hired by a distinguished and powerful political grandee, Sir Edward Shore, to investigate threats that have been made against his son Charles, who is recently returned from India with his young family. Sir Edward fears entanglement in a scandal with potentially devastating repercussions for his family and career. Whicher is deeply torn when, even after a murder occurs, Sir Edward is determined that Whicher should pursue his investigation without involving his former colleagues in the Metropolitan Police.  Whicher’s pursuit of justice takes him into the most dangerous corners of London’s Docklands as he unearths the darkest secrets, which involve him in a maelstrom of betrayal and passion by which he is not left unscathed.
The second story finds Whicher taking on the tawdry bread and butter of the private inquiry agent, divorce work.  The divorce act has recently been passed and Whicher reluctantly finds himself investigating the adulterous behaviour of Jane, the unhappy wife of a wealthy country landowner Henry Coverley, the owner of a string of racehorses.  What seems a fairly straight-forward, if sordid case spins into something deeply disquieting and complex, which divides a small and claustrophobic West Country town, when one of the key witnesses fails to attend court and is found dead in highly suspicious circumstances.
ITV Director of Drama, Steve November says:
“We’re delighted with the new Whicher scripts from Helen Edmundson. Paddy Considine is an extraordinary actor who brilliantly portrays Whicher’s complexities, depth and vulnerability.”
The new films will be directed by David Blair (Accused, Bert & Dickie) and Geoff Sax (Endeavour, Christopher and His Kind, Tipping the Velvet) and Produced by David Boulter and executive produced by Hat Trick Productions’ Head of Drama Mark Redhead, who says:
“Jack Whicher left the Metropolitan Police under a cloud, these films see him on a fascinating personal journey as he rebuilds himself both professionally and psychologically, handling the kind of cases the police would not take, cases that are highly sensitive and personal and which touch him very deeply. This is a fascinating grey area far away from the black and white world of the Metropolitan Police, and a rich territory for drama. ”

Filming of The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher will take place throughout April and May in central London, Kent, Wiltshire and Hertfordshire.

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