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Watch a behind the scenes video from new drama, Believe which airs on Watch from Thursday 27th March.

The story revolves around ten-year-old Bo (Johnny Sequoyah), who, since she was born has been gifted with extraordinary powers she could neither control nor fully understand. Now, her abilities are growing stronger and are putting her in great danger. She is sought by those who want to protect her gift, as well as those who seek to exploit her powers, which include telekinesis, levitation and being able to see into the future.

With her life in jeopardy, she must be protected. Enter death row inmate Tate (Jake McLaughlinSavages, Safe House) who is broken out of prison just minutes before his execution. In return for his freedom, he is now tasked with the responsibility of Bo’s safety.

The US sci-fi drama from award-winning Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón and Lost‘s J.J. Abrams’ also stars, Jamie Chung (Once Upon a Time) and Delroy Lindo (The Chicago Code).

Believe premieres on Watch in the UK from Thursday 27th March at 9pm.

Watch the video below…