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Catherine Tate’s Nan returns as funny and foul as ever.

Catherine Tate: Nan

Catherine Tate has finally made everyone’s dreams come true! She has decided to bring back legendary icon, Nan AKA Joannie Taylor, to star in her own sitcom!

Earlier in the year I attended the recording of the pilot episode at The London Studios, the info described the pilot as: “An exciting special featuring Catherine Tate’s famous character Nan.”  The all new adventures involve our beloved on-screen Nan and her awful, vile language, as we see what happens when Nan’s tap is broken, and she’s stuck with some young girl who helps the elderly whilst her grandson is in Africa doing charity work! Of course, it’s never that easy. The show was crude, offensive, but it was awesome! A lot of people wouldn’t agree with some stuff that comes out of Nan’s mouth. However, what makes it clever is the fact that she is only doing what certain old people would do nowadays.

The episode was written brilliantly and never failed to make the audience laugh. Every sitcom’s worst nightmare is when you have to redo the scene again which the audience has seen already and might not get as much laughs. But this wasn’t the case. One scene was recorded four times and still had the same amount of laughs and applause.

We first discovered the character Nan on The Catherine Tate Show, which first aired in 2004. The character became such a massive success, everyone knew her. The catchphrase “What a f***ing liberty” was being said every single day from all different sorts of people. Catherine Tate stated to the audience “The Nan character is one of my favourites and the fact that she has been given her own show is just amazing!”

After her own TV show, Catherine Tate has climbed to the top of the ladder with her TV career; she has appeared as The Doctor’s trusty companion, Donna Noble in Doctor Who, the American version of The Office and David Walliams Big School, as well as appearing on stage with her Doctor Who co-star, David Tennant in Much Ado About Nothing.

I hope that this episode is the key to another success for Catherine Tate! I can see this being another thing which will get a lot of people talking and laughing about. And if the pilot doesn’t get the thumbs up, then it would certainly be a f***ing liberty…