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As if they’d never been away, the Birds Of A Feather are back!


It’s always risky to bring back such a classic sitcom which was massive back in the day. However, Birds Of A Feather creators, Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran, decided to take the risk to entertain their fans one more time. Sharon (Pauline Quirke), Tracey (Linda Robson) and Dorien (Lesley Joseph) are finally back after a 15 year absence.

As the first episode of the brand new series begins, we see Tracey and Sharon bumping into each for the first time since Sharon moved out. Both are taken by surprise that the author of the ’60 shades of Green’ novel, is none other then Dorien who is now living by a pysdenom. As the show continues, we learn that Sharon is living in a awful one bedroom flat on an estate. Meanwhile, Linda has divorced her husband and is living with her son, Travis (played by Pauline Quirke’s real-life son, Charlie Quirke). Linda feels bad after seeing the way her sister is living, so offers to let her move in. That’s where the trouble begins. As Sharon gets comfortable, Dorien knocks on the door and admits that she’s homeless due to the author of ’50 Shades Of Grey’ suing her for plagiarism. So as they begin to get settled down, Travis has one more surprise for his beloved mother, Tracey. Garth (Matt Willis) makes a surprise visit with his girlfriend and her daughter. Now this is where the fun begins….

Before the episode aired, I was having doubts about it. Birds Of A Feather was a big hit in the 90’s and till this very day, the old ones are being replayed on TV. But I was wrong.. . I really enjoyed it. Not once did I pick up a any major discrepancies – simply because nothing has changed! You still had the same actresses playing the characters and the same creators from the previous series! What more can you ask for?! There was nothing different about the characters either; Dorien is still a stuck-up funny woman. Sharon is a big kid who acts childish and Linda is the mother figure towards Sharon. I’m looking forward to the future episodes of the series. Surely it has to give Essex a good name….