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An Essex crossover for a disappointing second episode


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I didn’t think I would be saying anything bad about the much-loved sitcom, Birds Of A Feather… but I’m afraid to say I am wrong. The first episode was brilliant, in fact, after watching the second episode I honestly think that they should have just done a one-off special for ITV and have done with it.

The second episode of the brand new series see’s Tracey struggling for cash and orders Dorien to cough up the rent money or leave! Dorien then discovers that she has hardly any money left in her bank account and is then forced by Tracey and Sharon to sell her clothes in a Essex car boot sale, much to her dismay. The result leaves Dorien pocketless with a small amount of clothes. However, that all changes when she becomes the new store manager of Sharon’s workplace Quid World placing her in charge of Sharon. Which makes her even more spiteful towards Dorien.

This was one of the worse episodes that I’ve seen of Birds of a feather! And I’ve seen every single one of them. The fact that they even brought in the talentless Amy Childs is just stupid! She’s not even an actress. She’s from a talentless show (The Only Way Is Essex) which features talentless people. And the fact that she appeared in a classic sitcom is offensive to television. Not once did I laugh at the programme and for me that’s really heartbreaking because I’m a massive fan of the show. They should have stuck to it being a one-off special and ended it from the first episode. Really and truly disappointed….