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At last! I can safely say that this episode of Birds Of A Feather has been the best one of the series! It brings awkwardness and comic situations into the programme. The only episode that has actually done that within the new series.

The brilliant Jamie Foreman makes an appearance as Lenny, an old friend and new lover to Sharon. What makes this episode brilliant is there’s loads of jokes happening at once; the same thing happening to the three girls but with different conclusions. It was like going back to the first series of the programme with Tracey, Sharon and Dorien wanting to know what happened between the three with their “fancy men” and speaking with a dirty mind but with clean words. On top of that, Tracey’s son, Garth, is in the comedy action aswell as he is trying to raise money for his business by making his Mum’s house into a little diner for the neighbours.

The show’s writers, director and ITV has returned the series to genius and finally made Birds of Feather feel like home and pure comedy again! A big well done to the cast and crew of the amazing and warm episode.