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Clémence returns to The Paradise and finds herself at the mercy of Tom Weston, and Moray risks everything to be rid of his nemesis.

Clémence arrives back in town, bringing her problems to an already troubled Paradise. She gives Denise a pot of Parisian rouge and challenges her to sell it to her customers. A stranger arrives in pursuit of Clémence and when his path crosses Tom Weston’s, he is coerced into a deal which leaves Clémence compromised and at the mercy of Tom.

Tom flaunts his reconciliation with Clémence in front of a desolate Katherine. Distressed, she is rescued by Jonas at her darkest hour. As Katherine confides in Jonas, her words confirm his suspicions of Tom’s dark past, as she learns some unexpected news that reignites her fight and purpose.

Denise begins to market the rouge to her most esteemed clientele, without success. Unperturbed, she enlists the help of the girls to experiment with an innovative idea. As Clémence enjoys her reconciliation with her friends, Tom decides to exercise his control over her. When Clémence reveals the bind she is in, the girls are appalled, and their attempts to save her from her impending fate only worsen the situation.

As the moment of reckoning arrives, Tom is challenged by Moray. Pride and self-sacrifice push both men to destructive levels and Moray risks everything. Can Moray and Denise find a way to make their love work?

The Paradise series 2 finale airs on Sunday, 8 December at 8pm on BBC One.

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