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A game of Hazard!



The Paradise series 2 finale airs on Sunday, 8th December at 8pm on BBC One.

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Check out the teasers below:

“I was thinking perhaps a tattoo.”

“Glass of cold water? Cold bath more like.”

“If we’re gonna talk about life, death and purpose, I’m gonna need another drink.”

“We should at least try to find a way of being normal with each other.”

“You have everything you started with.”

“You should have reigned her in while you had the chance Moray – your creature, your little champion.”

“Four lasses stood up by the same person at the same time. You gotta hand it to the French.”

“I thought I had a lifetime to fathom the secrets in your eyes.”

“Not before the child.”

“I fear I have… nothing. Everything I had, I cast away. It is lost.”

“Knowing he was doing what to her?”

“I have destroyed everything I set out to protect, and hurt those that I sought to shield – I have become the harm I feared.”