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A photographer visits The Paradise and his portraits reveal extraordinary things. Meanwhile, Denise distracts herself from a broken heart.

Tom Weston enlists renowned photographer Christian Cartwright to take a family portrait. Katherine is touched by the gesture, but only fleetingly as Tom makes it clear that her position in his family is fragile. Having burned all her bridges, Katherine grapples to find security, but her fears that Tom will separate her from Flora appear justified.

When Tom reveals the Weston portrait is to hang in The Paradise, the staff are elated to hear that Christian will be taking their portraits too. A bohemian artist who travels from place to place seeking his muse, Christian takes a keen interest in Clara and helps to unlock her demons, but an indecent proposal leaves her questioning who she really is.

Moray finds he is unable to tell Denise the full truth of what passed between him and Katherine, and Denise’s suspicions are confirmed in the most heart-breaking way. Denise throws herself into her work as a distraction and arranges a new enterprise for Christian’s photography, creating ‘Paradise Postcards’ for their customers.

A serialised ghost story in a magazine is taking the city by storm and Sam teases Susy and Myrtle for their obsession. When Susy’s staff photograph reveals more than she is expecting, she’s certain The Paradise is haunted.

Concerned that his friend is losing his grip on things, Dudley concocts a plan to bring Denise and Moray back together and forces them to work as a team. They plan a launch for the final instalment of the ghost serial and transform The Paradise into the world of ‘The House on the Hill’.

Working so closely is torment for Denise and Moray – however, Denise can’t help but throw in her ideas and as their designs entwine and the event proves a success, the spark between them intensifies.

The Paradise continues on Sunday, 1 December at 8pm on BBC One.





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