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Relationships are pushed to breaking point as Denise gets the chance to use her business initiative.

Lucille Ballentine arrives in town with her newly wed and somewhat wealthy husband in tow. Although she is exuberantly cheerful, the girls sense she is troubled. Denise and Mr Ballentine discuss his potential investment in The Paradise and Denise prepares a formal proposition; but Moray is dismissive.

Lucille confesses to Clara she doubts her feelings for Ballentine and is resolute she must leave him. She soon regrets her comments and attempts to buy Clara’s silence. Denise’s meeting with Ballentine goes well and he promises to return with a decision.

Dudley is frustrated by Moray’s absence at the store and his elusive behaviour. He chastises him for his lack of interest in Ballentine and accuses him of rivalry towards Denise. Lucille suspects Clara has broken her confidence. Ballentine announces he wants to invest in the store, but Denise’s elation is punctured by some devastating news.

Tom’s behaviour is disturbingly spiteful and a frightened Katherine confides in Moray. Unbeknownst to them, Tom has been watching their intimacy grow. Tom is ready to banish Moray from The Paradise, but Jonas convinces him to bide his time.

Fenton is pleased to hear that fractures are appearing between the Westons. He threatens to build a rival store if Tom refuses to sell. Tom finds Flora in a state of distress. Her fears that Katherine will be driven away move Tom and he offers Katherine a truce, an end to the fighting. Katherine accepts the olive branch and decides to tell Moray their friendship must end in order to protect her family.

But this final meeting of good intentions unravels, leaving devastation in its wake.

The Paradise episode 6 airs on Sunday, 24 November at 8pm on BBC One.










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