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Denise realises it can be lonely at the top, and a shock arrival from Susy’s past has disastrous consequences. Meanwhile, Moray strikes a dangerous deal to win The Paradise back.

Edmund Lovett is shocked by the news that his beloved shop has had a break-in. He is surprised when he discovers the culprit is a woman – the bedraggled and drunk Ruby – and endeavours to help her in her plight.

Denise is thrilled about her new role, but Moray is still focused on his bigger dream. Tension rises between them when he dismisses one of Denise’s ideas.

Susy is extremely enthusiastic in her new role but her zeal is dented when she spots the bedraggled woman from Edmund’s shop in the street. This shock arrival forces Susy to tackle demons from her past. Overwhelmed, she lashes out at Flora Weston and jeopardises her position in The Paradise.

Denise is forced to make some tough decisions when she realises that with new responsibility comes new challenges. At odds with her friends, and finding Moray more and more distant, she realises it can be lonely at the top.

In an effort to exert his ownership, Tom Weston begins plans to expand The Paradise which could take the store beyond Moray’s financial reach. Unable to see how he will ever get The Westons to sell, Moray lets Jonas broker an unlikely and precarious deal on his behalf. At first reluctant to agree the terms, desperation forces his agreement and sets Moray on a path of deception which could endanger everything he holds dear.

Katherine’s attempts to build a relationship between Tom and Flora go badly when Flora asks Tom about his youth. When Moray offers her a hand of friendship, Katherine enjoys a trip down memory lane, but her susceptibility to Moray’s charms doesn’t go unnoticed by her husband.

The Paradise continues on Sunday, 10th November at 8pm on BBC One.

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