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Chris Lilley’s teenage character for BBC3 in 2014


Chris Lilley’s comedy character, Jonah Takalua is set to return to our screens in his very own six-part series in 2014, confirms ABC TV Australia, with BBC Three airing the show in the UK.

The last time the 14-year-old schoolboy was seen, he was expelled from the concrete playgrounds of Summer Heights High with his father, Rocky Takalua, sending him back to his homeland of Tonga to live with his uncle and their family to help get Jonah’s life back on track.

The new series, sees Jonah in the midst of island life and experiencing the familiar frustrations of a bored teenage delinquent.

Zai Bennett, Controller, BBC Three, said: “BBC Three is the UK home of Chris’s brilliant comedy characters and having already announced that Ja’mie will be coming to BBC Three in 2014, I can’t wait to see Jonah on the channel next year too.”

The series is produced by Princess Pictures and Chris Lilley in conjunction with ABC TV.

Jonah Takalua will broadcast on BBC Three in the New Year and air on ABC1 in Australia in early 2014.