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Can you guess who says what?


(C) Urban Myth Films/Nick Briggs

Atlantis: “The Rules of Engagement”  airs on BBC One on Saturday, 9 November at 8pm.

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Check out the teasers below:

“Bees. Why bees?”

“Oh, and if I could have what you so carefully have hidden in your hand?”

“I need no token to remember you.”

“We had an understanding…”

“Rules of life Jason, not The Pankration!”

“I made a promise; A sacred oath to Poseidon.”

“Then you are more stupid than you can possibly imagine.”

“And suddenly, you’re an expert on the healing arts?”

“I’ve done nothing; I’ve achieved nothing.”

“And this is what you sincerely believe?”

“You know the truth? I never was that man!”

“Life’s not fair is it!”