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Emotions run high in Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders

The most emotional episode of the Peaky Blinders yet. Episode four focuses more on the thrilling tension of the Shelby and Lee family, and shows us that Chief Inspector Campbell is still hot on getting Freddy Throne once and for all.

The episode opens with the Lee family trashing the Shelby’s bookies and planting a grenade in Tommy’s beloved car. And as if things couldn’t get any worse for Tommy, he then discovers that his younger brother, John, is planning to marry a local prostitute which the rest of the Shelby’s are amused and disgusted with. Unbeknown to John, Tommy happens to be one of her customers and tries all he can to prove to John that she isn’t worth it and will always be a “whore”, and then goes on to marry him off to one of the Lee family in order to heal the rift.

Meanwhile, as the story continues, Tommy and Chief Inspector Campbell meet each other in a dark, wet alley and Tommy hands him a note with Chapman’s address – in exchange for the safe passage of Ada and Freddie out of Birmingham, despite Freddie bringing them back! Chief Inspector Campbell agrees but threatens Tommy by describing what could happen to his family (in the most horrible and disgusting image) if the deal wasn’t carried out in time.

Tommy busyness continues as he ends up admitting his feelings for Grace and offers her a job to look after the accounts at Shelby’s & Co telling her she brings some ‘class’ to the business followed by them sharing a kiss (which can I say, wasn’t the best kiss scene in the history of television!)

As Ada’s and Freddie’s baby is successfully born, moments later Freddie is taken away from by police leaving Ada heartbroken and Aunt Polly furious with Tommy – who tries to hit him in the pub, much to his surprise. He is left baffled and confused by Freddie’s arrest and begins to wonder who it really set him up and made him to look like the grass.

This is the most emotional episode so far! Steven Knight has surely done his job by capturing the heartbreak of a new mother watching the father of her new-born being taken away by the police. What I find really interesting about this episode is the complete darkness of Chief Inspector Campbell and how brilliantly Sam Neill plays the character. I can’t think of another actor who could play the part. However, I’m less impressed with the acting from Charlie Creed-Miles as Kimber.

Sadly, I’m not looking forward to this series ending! This episode has opened a massive storyline now that could lead to a war against every single character in the series. Which we all know is going to end up in tears somehow, and the tears could end up showing us who the real heroes really are!