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With the series coming to an end, there is bound to be blood and tears.


Episode 5 of the brilliant well written, Peaky Blinders, sees Tommy Shelby dealing with an IRA member who has come to town to avenge his cousin’s death. Campbell’s getting closer and closer to the missing guns and a surprise visitor from the Shelby’s past pays them a visit; The Shelby’s brother’s long lost father, Arthur Shelby Snr (played by Tommy Flanagan), who walked out on them ten years ago.

The episode opens with Tommy slowly walking through a graveyard to visit a ‘friend’s grave’, however you can sense that Tommy is slowly losing it and getting a bit paranoid with everyone thinking it was him who grassed up Freddy Thorne to the police. Ada is also refusing to talk to any of the family after Freddy’s been beaten and locked up in a cell. Aunt Polly tries her hardest but is still disgusted with Tommy betrayal, even though he promises it has nothing to do with him.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, their estranged father, Arthur Shelby turns up out of the blue to the delight of Arthur junior. But as soon as Tommy see’s him, he makes it clear that he’s not welcome in their home and tells him to leave – which he does, closely followed by Arthur Junior. Eventually, Arthur senior is finally exposed for the lying scumbag that he really is, after Arthur JR gives him the 500 quid from the Shelby’s home. Their ‘beloved’ father admits that everything was a lie and that he is now leaving with the money. With Arthur Junior now in pain after discovering what sort of man his father really is, he decides to end his life by hanging himself, but fails after the rope breaks.

Meanwhile, an IRA member pays Tommy a visit and warns him that if he isn’t given the whereabouts of the missing guns, then he will kill Tommy Shelby and the rest of the “stinking town!” as the mystery IRA member has nicely worded. Later, with Grace in the pub on her own, Tommy storms in and asks her for help with two of the IRA members who are on their way to kill him. In a Bonnie and Clyde moment, she hides behind the door and waits for the signal from Tommy by rising his glass and saying “To the barmaid that never was.” She comes storming out and killing one of them whilst Tommy is left with a poorly fight with the other member. But the way he violently kills him made up for the fight! The police storms in, saying to Shelby that ‘this never happened’ and orders them to clear the bodies up.

With Grace falling in love with Tommy Shelby, she decides to confront Inspector Campbell and tells him where the guns are so she can resign her mission to be with Tommy. Campbell is left upset but gives his word that Tommy will not be effected or hurt and will be left alone by the police. When he finally succeeds in finding the missing guns at the graveyard, Grace comes to check but much to her shock, Campbell ends up asking her to marry him; to make him happy. But for the love she has for Tommy, she turns him down which could lead to another war between Shelby and Campbell.

As the streets of Birmingham are covered with police as the hunt for Shelby begins, Grace takes Tommy to her house where they have one of the most cringe-worthy sex-scenes of the century! The next day Campbell makes a call to London and says that he has found the missing guns, but he isn’t leaving yet due to unfinished business. With everything looking bright for the Shelby’s and their work looking to bloom, Tommy couldn’t be happier. However, as we all know, things won’t last for long as next week’s episode comes to an end.

The character of Arthur Shelby which is played amazingly by Tommy Flanagan (Braveheart, Sin City and Sons of Anarchy), is only seen in one episode which is really disappointing! He played such a great part and I would have loved to have seen more of him with Tommy and the hate/love they have for each other. Hopefully, if there is a second series, they would consider bringing him back! The love triangle between Tommy, Grace and Campbell is sick and lovely at the same time. Tommy and Grace are made for each other. But Campbell is just a dirty old git who is falling for a woman who is young enough to be his granddaughter! This isn’t going to end in happiness for one person in the series finale. What I really liked was the fact that they show how depressed Arthur really is and the way he tries to kill himself was so graphic and upsetting, but in real life this is how it really happens with people who suffer with depression. And let’s not forget, he alongside with the others are suffering bad flashbacks from the war.

I am dead excited about the finale and what is in store for Tommy Shelby. By the ending of this episode, he could end up being a complete different person….