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‘The Paradise’ returns, as do our teasers!



The luxurious world of ‘The Paradise’ returns to BBC One for a second series at the earlier time of 8pm, this Sunday (20 October), and just as we did with the first series, we will be intriguing you with some hints each week. So if you can’t wait any longer… here’s our twelve teasers for episode 1 below:

“Can’t help thinking this place is cursed.”

“Is it me or is she starting to talk in rhymes?”

“Every day surrounded by women. I don’t know whether to envy you or pity you.”

“We must tread carefully, we must wait, do you see? We must wait!”

“Surely the creature would not come all the way up the stairs to ladieswear?”

“You are quite the spy sir.”

“Will you look after her for me?”

“We need to attract customers Myrtle not frighten them off!”

“As surely as I stand here, we have lost!”

“If I marry I will lose my position; I cannot have both… and I cannot decide.”

“Still looking out for you – even if you don’t want me too.”

“I have missed you Edmund!”

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